• Jack Kelleher
  • “The way home begins with more than directions. It starts with conversation.”
  • “Knowing how you want to live is the first step toward knowing where.”
  • “To find the right place, meet the right partner.”
  • “Doing more for our clients is the way we do business.”
  • “The ultimate luxury is peace of mind.”

Prior to moving to East Hampton full time, Jack Kelleher was Vice President of Operations for Barnes & Noble booksellers in New York City. Jack has distinguished himself as a diligent and caring real estate professional who has brought from his retail career a fervent belief in customer service. Jack is a natural in the business, having learned from his father who was also a successful real estate agent. Having a degree in marketing from Drexel University and experience working for a national company has honed-in on both his business and negotiating skills.

Deeply connected to the community, Jack not only has an inside track on inventory and market trends but on ways to enjoy life on the East End. His two dogs Cooper and Raoul keep him in the know of the best walking beaches, while his passion for fine local cuisine makes him an expert resource for restaurants and local produce. Jack also serves as an experienced guide for local builders, architects and others in the trade business.

In the past three years, Jack discovered Southern Florida and purchased a second home in West Palm Beach. With a natural connection between New York and Florida he is now pursuing his Florida real estate license to better service clients and customers who have made a way of life out of going back and forth between the two destinations and enjoying the best of both worlds.