• Thor Brown
  • Palm Beach Office

    101 North County Road
    Palm Beach, FL 33480
    (561) 655-6570
  • “The way home begins with more than directions. It starts with conversation.”
  • “Knowing how you want to live is the first step toward knowing where.”
  • “To find the right place, meet the right partner.”
  • “Doing more for our clients is the way we do business.”
  • “The ultimate luxury is peace of mind.”

Originally from the Northeast, Thor Brown has been firmly planted in Palm Beach for twenty years. Prior to entering real estate, Thor was motivated by a strong explorative nature and a great enthusiasm for Florida, particularly Delray Beach, Manalapan, Jupiter Island, West Palm Beach, and the island of Palm Beach. Thor has worked as a Realtor in Palm Beach for over ten years, previously working with Barclay's International Realty. During his career he has sold a myriad of properties ranging from under a million to over ten million dollars. In addition to helping his clients find their homes with his acute intuition, Thor has also assisted in renovations and new construction. Thor considers himself a "first generation" Palm Beacher. With this commitment and broad knowledge of the area and his knowledge, Thor plans to provide his clients with a modern, effective way to both launch their properties and to locate new homes.

Recognized as top 1% of all Florida agents by RealTrends’s “America’s Best Real Estate Agents” ranking.  Brokered over $57 million 2 years in a row in 2014 and 2015.