• Timothy Haftel Luxury Real Estate Expert
  • Delray Beach Office

    648 George Bush Blvd.
    Delray Beach, FL 33483
    (561) 243-6000
  • “The way home begins with more than directions. It starts with conversation.”
  • “Knowing how you want to live is the first step toward knowing where.”
  • “To find the right place, meet the right partner.”
  • “Doing more for our clients is the way we do business.”
  • “The ultimate luxury is peace of mind.”

Tim began working in residential real estate sales 15 years ago to support his passion for the buying, renovating and flipping properties in the Hamptons and South Florida. His success in real estate can be attributed to a diversified background. He is analytical in nature, has marketing creativity, is client service focused and takes a hands-on approach to selling real estate.

Tim’s began his career as loan underwriter and marketing manager in the mortgage banking industry while obtaining his MBA in marketing.  His deep understanding of the mortgage business allows him to assist buyers with the loan approval process and provides him with the appraisal skills necessary to determine the value of properties for sellers.

As a direct marketing specialist within the advertising industry, Tim combined this analytical ability with his creative side to develop integrated advertising campaigns for clients such as Verizon Wireless and Dunn and Bradstreet. This integrated approach to marketing has served him well in marketing properties.  This includes having a keen eye for staging properties for sale to developing unique marketing approaches for each property he represents.

Tim has dealt with senior managers on many advertising accounts which helped has hone his project management skills.  His attention to detail, ability to multi-task and manage of multiple vendors, and his negotiation and problem solving skills have served him well in the sale of properties.  Tim approaches each sale is its own project and requires unique skills to get it done; from the mortgage approval process through property inspections to closing the deal.

His hands on approach to real estate sales can be traced to his knowledge of the construction process which he learned at a young age.   Tim works with local builders and tradesmen on new construction projects and high-end renovations both for himself and his clients.  He shares his knowledge with clients, knows the value of improvements and knows what improvements will add value to a property. Tim can be seen framing and tiling at his own properties in his spare time.

When not doing real estate spends his time in Costa Rica where he runs a thriving dive and water sports business called Almaco Aqua Adventures.