CES 2019 Shows off the Future of Home Tech

(Las Vegas, NV) -  The International Consumer Electronic show takes place annually, and displays the latest in electronics and technology. A big theme in this year’s convention was the progress being made in the home technology division. We are reaching a point in time where our home’s can be integrated and customized just as much as your cell phone.  With tech giants like Google, Apple, and Amazon already inserting themselves into the everyday lifestyle of society, this year it appears these companies are looking to enter your home.

The convention displayed mirrors that will conveniently speed up your morning process as you get ready for work, a kitchen aid that conveniently provides recipes and Youtube How-to’s, and even a smart toilet that can create any setting you desire during your personal bathroom time.

Holographic Images

Another hot theme for this year’s convention was upgraded technology in the home security department.  We all know how important it is to protect one of your biggest investments, and it seems like a number of products and technologies are about to hit the market that will help you do just that.

The CES showed off video doorbells, smart locks, camera systems, and even products that allow you to communicate with your dog while out of the house.  


Video Doorbell
Smart Nightlight

We have compiled three links that examine the best findings from this year’s convention.  Browse through the links below to discover which upgrades you would like to add to your wishlist: